A bit late but better then never; we're starting to release stuff on bandcamp. We're trying to avoid the usual suspicions (it costs nothing to put all this shit online so let's release every fart we make)... and only do the stuff we think is really worth it... and if we had money we'd release it on record... (which someday we will)

First digital release on Z6records


title of Digital Release; BullFroggiefrogfrog

by; 'Roydon Lloyd & Nau'  6 song EP
Roydon is an english guy who lived in Amsterdam for a while. He approached me after a gig i did (with Peter Stampfel) and asked if we could do a cooperation of some kind. Until then he was quite active in the new or weird folk scene i believe. I liked his lyrics a lot but they lacked chorusses. So i said; write choruses and he did. So we spend some time in my studio, together with drummer Cor Hoogerdijk who also wrote one of the tunes and Nina Hitz who did some cello & keyboard bits, doing 6 songs in the end, meaning to do more but Roydon had to leave..i think to India first and then to a whole bunch of other countries. We never saw him again, had an occasional contact by email but nothing more. Too bad because Roydon is a great guy and he certainly has the looks and the talent to become a popstar of sorts, or a working class hero for lazy sods for that matter. 
A few years later, i listened to these songs again and decided they were good enough to do a release. if I had any money, i'd release them as an EP on vinyl. But for the moment this digi thing has to do the work… Enjoy! (lukas simonis)


released 01 May 2014 
Roydon Lloyd - lyrics, songs, voice, guitar, Lukas Simonis - guitar, bass, arrangements, mix, Cor Hoogerdijk - drums, music of 'No Flies', Nina Hitz - keyboards, cello