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Rotterdam, Netherlands based band which was active from 1984 to 1997. ”Schicksal” is German for “fate”. DS started as a weird pop band inspired by the likes of Swell Maps, TV Personalities and Red Krayola but turned into to an experimental playground for all the different musicians that 'visited' the band during it's more then 12 years of existence.
So after the 'pop' period(1984-1985) came the 'free nowaverock, influenced by freejazz-period (appr. 1986), which was followed by the 'guitar noise, glenn branca meets pere ubu-period (appr.87-88) after which the different styles and periods tumbled over each other to finally come to a more consistent music that kept evolving in new directions but in a more contrived manner. The 6 cd's that were released in the 90ties all had their own themes and starting points;
- They Saved Hitler's Brain (1991) was inspired by exploitation movies & the mythical aspects of doing bad things.
- Neem Die Pijp Uit Je Muil Jij Hond (1992) was made by 'Dull Schicksal Extended' and was more hardcore-jazz influenced.
- Dikke Mannen (1993) was mainly sung by female guest vocalists and was about the beauty of misery.
- Herfstblad'ren (1994) was DS's view on punkrock and (something that was misunderstood by everybody else!) it's logical follow up the No-Wave.
- Dull's Dullest Vol II (1995) was a mish mash of old songs that were never released, some strange improv stuff for the radio, film-music and a few live-tracks
- Ambush (1996); as it was clear this was gonna be the last CD the band decided to make it a loooong one, existing of 3 different parts that should be played apart from eachother.
The first part 'ambush' has a feeling of deconstruction and paranoia and is the most significant.

Dull Schicksal split in 1997 after a nice little tour that brought them to Italy, Slovenia, Austria en Czech Republic. The members of the last 2 years of the band (henk bakker, hajo doorn, lukas simonis and colin mcclure) continued to work with eachother in other bands and projects; WORM (a place for experimental arts in Rotterdam), Coolhaven (with simonis and Doorn), Static Tics (with Bakker and Simonis). McClure decided to make lots of babies.


Here's a list of the Dull Schicksal albums that are still available. In general, we don't have more then a few copies left (10-20) so we don't mind asking a fair price (€ 20) for them. Maybe there are some distributors (rer Megacorp?) that still have some cheaper copies lying around?

The first two Dull Schicksal cd's are sold out. If you look for them, you can probably download them somewhere for free. But for the freaks we have this special offer; we can make you a cdr with the original sleeve! The sleeves were printed at EXTRAPOOL , Nijmegen and they allways made much more copies then neccesary , also because the printing technique was a very special one (we call it 'stencil'). Name of the Designer (of ALL Dull Schicksal sleeves, and later AA Kismet); RED BOL. There's lots of work from him on the Extrapool-website.

This is the pricelist;

Cdr of 'They Saved Hitler's Brain' by Dull Schicksal with original sleeve; € 10,-

Cdr of ' Neem Die Pijp Uit Je Muil Jij Hond' by Dull Schicksal with original sleeve € 10,-


Other still available cd's by Dull Schicksal;

Dikke Mannen  € 20,-

Dull's Dullest Vol II  € 20,-

Ambush € 20,-

Herfstblad'ren   € 20,-

Just send me an email (z6records(@) about what you want exactly, then hit the Paypal button. I can't be bothered to make a paypal button for each of these items, as this old stuff isn't exactly flying out the door.