"A Lot Of People That I Love Are Gonna Be Left Behind" (D. Hasselhof)

The new album of the Dutch überground group Coolhaven 'Strømblocque Phantasiën' is an electro-technoïc-pop-opera, based on a book about the life of David Hasselhoff; supporting actor in Knightrider, Babewatch and illeged rockstar in countries where people speak native German. The dense rarity of sharp electronics, acoustic reformed sounds and analogue scratches is mixed with classical voices and choires in a way Franz Schubert would have done would he be alive in the 21st century. The opera itself deals with the ungoing struggle between man and machine, love and ambition and humanistic principles vs. artistic integrity. All sang in German, the language of Michael Schumacher, Goethe, Caspar David Friederich and Wagner.
It all started with a present. A beautiful book about the life of David Hassselhoff by Jörg Fischer. Reading the book about this international superstar in the german language felt like reading a long lost Greek epoïc tragedy. Initially, David Hasselhoff was a guy that was allowed to play 'the 3rd speaking banana on the left side' in commercials. Later, he became somewhat more known for his relation with KITT, the speaking car, before he hit the sky by not touching the overwhealming breasts of Pamela Anderson and all the other miniscully red dressed walking silicona's and silliconettes.
Coolhaven shreddered and developed this story into song structures for which Schubert's Winterreise was an inspiration. It resulted in a series of songs dealing about themes like drugabuse, healing, proudness, mother-son relations, starfucking and lawyers. His ups and downs are musically converted into this opera which is also playing with a new approach of dealing with electronic music.
COOLHAVEN is known for it’s disregulating taste and approach of music as well as theatre, text and performance. Recently they released the album “Suppe für die Nacht” with Felix Kubin on Kormplastics.

here's a song from the album; nase voll

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