A Sure Sign Of Something by; Peter Stampfel & the Worm All-Stars

title of album; A Sure Sign Of Something

title of act; Peter Stampfel & The Worm All-Stars

label; Acid Soxx (This label doesnt exist Anymore)
distribution for Europe; Clearspot.nl, Korm Plastics
promotion for Europe; Z6records.nl

As for the story how this CD came to be; check the booklet in the beautifully designed (Red Bol) CD…well as far as the point of view by Stampfel himself is concerned.

‘We’ (call us ‘the Worm All-Stars’) have a little to say about this CD too. First of all, we always loved the weirdo Holy Modal Rounders stuff, especially the early albums and the two ‘psychedelic’ ones on ESP and Elektra. And when we saw Peter playing somewhere round the turn of the century (as a duo with Gary Lucas) we couldn’t help noticing that he’s in totally good shape and a delicious musician to watch as well (and also, as turned out later , to play with). So when the opportunity came we didn’t hesitate to play with him, and do some recordings. The only thing we can say about that is we choosed to do the recordings as ‘live’ as possible and we were looking for an improvised, rough but tempting atmosphere. The listener can decide for himself if that happened.