Lukas Simonis


Liana Flu Winks is a Rotterdam-based Scottish/Swiss/Dutch trio that started performing in 2001 Differing musical backgrounds & influences combine tocreate an eclectic confluence of sonic situations.
Bassist/’cellist/organist Nina Hitz also plays in the modern ensembles ‘The Barton Workshop’ (based in the Netherlands) & ‘Daswirdas’ (Switzerland),whose repertoire includes works by John Cage & Morton Feldman. In her sparetime she has been known to cavort in the world of the baroque chick.
Drummer/multi instrumentalist Wilf Plum hit most of his beats in the ‘DogFaced Hermans’ & since their demise he has played with ‘De Kift’, ‘RhythmActivism’, Hendrik-Jan de Stuntman & ‘Donkey’. He is currently busy with the ‘Ex Orchestra’ & ‘Runt’ as well as LFW. Lukas Simonis, sometime guitarist, is a valued force (he thinks) in the electronic masquerade ‘Coolhaven’. Previously he twanged his strings with Trespassers W & Dull Schicksal. The sum total of the groaning weight of all this history results in bewildering, easily digestible yet intrinsically heavyweight music. Somewhere in the developed but abandoned area where Postrock tussles with Easy Listening. There we must search.

This CDr was their first attempt. The songs are good but the sound is a bit lo-fi.

Just a few copies left!


This is the second cd by the dutch/american duo AA Kismet. Their firstborn (where’s the rest of me ?) was an attempt to make the perfect pop-record (under their conditions), on this second cd  that noble attempt has been abandoned. Recorded and produced in a barn in the countryside in the south of France it sounds somewhat in between advanced lo-fi and sloppy perfectionism. The main theme was to write within song-like structures, but they took the liberty to ignore those at moments of their own choice.

Bob Drake (usa) currently lives in france but used to work as a soundtechnician in Los Angeles as a favorite of many hip-hop acts, amongst others Ice Cube, who even swears at him on one of his cd’s. He also worked for Peter Sellars, Ike & Tina Turner, Quincy Jones and others. His own music was allways more experimental. Apart from his solo work he played in The Nudes, the 5 uu’s, Thinking Plague, the Science group and Hail.