Very limited edition pink cassette ( C45) with special puffer package.

“…Tinctures of your darkest hour, your shining one I’ve hidden between your butt cheeks, now sour.

Sensuality of that one long hair you rescue from your anus, winter loving toes or any hole, in which i shall have my habitat as a motherfucking dustbowl.

”What about my milk?” asked the whoresome.

”Oh what will ever come out of my sad little titties? Not that i don’t like cheese!”

”Many moons ago…” followed Rudi Indian her back home, along with ‘ain’t grey skies’, a coward’s throne, 2 scarabees and an alien conversation piece.

Black booty under a japanese silk kimono, lotus feet of the giant dutchman, an american with no shoulders, your motherhood folding my pants, your tight dress.

Your hairless side in the palm of my hands , my easy beastieness blasting your arse. Taste of it still under my pinky nail, crying with class.

Save me my sudden misery from the miserable, the ugly ones, my little lovers…

Robber of my heart that neighbour’s libertine dog , yes, please thank you if in the hereafter there’s no blog and i’ll still be alive and hard. If only your 8 year old didn’t break my heart…”



As far as the sounds are concerned; here’s some tentative blues from a person that can only count to 11… Bad luck for you, but he has this machine that repeats all his beautiful (well, that’s what he says) mistakes and there’s something in human nature that admires people that buy the right gear. So we got that one covered. Then there is this singer, a bit like a melodramatic Brigitte Fontaine, or a more sophisticated Anton Betschart (as far as the yodeling is concerned)… Part of it is salvation, bedlam, ferocity…. But as a consumer guideline we would recommend to just sit back and suffer.

Bebe and Lulu are a truly magnetic musical partnership which has been seducing audiences since their debut release, much loved artistes Bebe Beliz– ‘Bebe’ and Lukas Simonis – ‘Lulu’ have recorded a selection of classic and contemporary improvised noiseblues chansons.

Perhaps best of all – for both audience and duo – Bebe et Lulu allows Bebe and Lukas the exhilaration of stepping into two sassy and playful characters in a veritable celebration of la vie Noisoise. A heady combination of feminine couture – from elegant to va va voom, seductive and witty banter, romantic noises sung exquisitely inTurkish and English, and the extraordinary musicianship of the guitar, leaves them and their audiences, enraptured. It is no surprise then, that Baby et Lulu continue to attract new devotees at their festival appearances and sold-out club shows across Australia. Uhm… i mean the Benelux.

Very limited edition pink cassette ( C45) with special puffer package.

Also included; digital version.

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