Faces – Tijdlus

Cat. no. Z60211

€ 10


Name of DVD: TIJDLUS (pal)

Name of Group: FACES

Live Cinema Electro Baroque Impro Pop

FACES is the name of the group; TIJDLUS is the name of the project. Tijdlus is a collaboration between cinematographer Joost Van Veen, electronosonorist/composer Huib Emmer, improviser/no good sonofabitch/songwriter Lukas Simonis (all NL), cellist Nina Hitz (CH) and fortepiano player Kaoru Iwamura (JAP).

Images & Sounds are equally important in TIJDLUS (‘timeloop’) and they were created simultaneously whilst developing the material for the project. Van Veen generated the images; Emmer & Simonis – strongly influenced by the band – wrote the compositions. Although composed, the music uses a wide range of techniques & styles: improvisation, baroque music, etc. Similarly, the visuals draw on images from different times and different places – most of the footage comes from archives.com and some of it was specially shot on location for this project.

TIJDLUS tells a story through its use of association, but you can also watch & listen to the songs – 1 by 1 – on their own merits.

The musicians & the filmmaker come from various backgrounds too: Emmer is a composer working in the fields of composed & electronic music; Hitz plays old music, new music and works a lot with dancers; Iwamura is definitely OLD school (by that I mean baroque; this project is actually the first time she has played a ‘modern’ instrument – the ARP Odyssey); Simonis is an eclecticist pur sang and Joost van Veen is an experimental filmmaker who has been awarded several prestigious prizes.