los siquicos cenan con static tics

cat nr z6 90345902, a klangendum corona production

€ 10


name of the cd; los siquicos cenan con static tics

name of the group(s); los siquicos litoraleños & the static tics

Recorded on different times in Rotterdam while touring- , this album finds Argentines Los Siquicos Litoraleños joining forces with experimental dutch duo Static Tics (Lukas Simonis & Henk Bakker). Flying high and on full psychedelic mode the sonic synergy of the two bands creates impossible and almost absurd tracks in which distorted melodies and weird growling vocals merge in a very unusual mix. The psylocibe madcaps laughter reverberates through the album with explosive dynamics in pieces like “Saber Mas” or the post-folklore “Desde Acá”. There´s even some kraut (with chorizo) action on jams like “Ritmo Abismo” and “El Baile del Pato”, the dry dub without echo of “El bruto” or the impossible cumbia & garage punk drunken fusion of “Soy un Troglodita” all with touches of the southamerican spicy mind-melting weirdness typical of this Argentine band. But In all the lunacy there´s always place to move your feet and dance with the flow even if gravity could not always be there or respect the physical laws of planet Earth.

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Comes in a lovely ecopack card case, with artwork by Red Bol