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VRIL / Surf For The Unsporty

Special introduction offer !! Vril is the band with the fetish for surf & rock instrumentals, with Lukas Simonis. Chris Cutler, Bob Drake and Pierre Omer. Twanging guitars abound. This DVD features 17 short films by various filmmakers especially made to accompany a Vril music piece.

Vril was originally a studio project, instigated by Bob Drake, Lukas Simonis & Chris Cutler. After making their first album of instrumental guitar rock (inspired by 60ties surf/instrumental bands like the Shadows & the Ventures, but not with the vintage touch to it that a lot of ‘surf’ bands have nowadays) they asked english surrealist writer Frank Key to come up with the meaning for all that. And Frank did. He invented a story ( see the sleevenotes) & the names of the songs. Then VRIL made another album, two years later. And Frank did it again. Both albums were recorded & mixed at Bob’s studio in the south of France. For the second album they were helped by the swiss musician Pierre Omer (ao. The Dead Brothers) on guitar. So now there were two albums but until now no public performances whatsoever. Then -after reading the sleevenotes about the Ulm award- Lukas thought it might be a good idea to really ask people to make films to the music (NOT in a videoclip kinda way and NOT the other way round). So now we’ve asked 15 filmmakers to come up with a film that belongs to a vril song, the idea being that there will be a VRIL DVD with films & music. And there is.

Filmmakers we asked; Pieter Jan Smit, Nino Purtskhvanidze, Florian Kramer, Daniel Zimmer, Sander Blom, Stella van Voorst van Beest, Esther Urlus, Marit Shalem, Lenno Verhoog, Christine Bruckmeier, Chuck o’Meara, Annette Carle, Joost van Veen, Sandra Salter.


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