My Attention Has Always Caught My Attention by Suikeroom

Suikeroom consists of the duo Francesco Zedde and Lukas Simonis. They were caught playing weird sounds in the Worm Studio in 2019, initially without any bad intentions, but drifting off to good intentions with the kind of attention span they could provide was too much to ask. So what happened was a recording that attended to a submerged attention with an unattended form of ascension, did even look like an instigation for prevention. But what kind of prevention? There’s all kinds of pretensions, as soon as they have your attention. Now don’t get me wrong on this, but are we talking about music here? If so, could I please be more specific. Do I intend to be funny? Well, my intentions on this matter are that I try to attend in words what the music apprehends in sounds. Call it an amendment for attention, the kind of attention that has your attention.
I hope this promotion text will tell you all you want to know to obtain the CD we’re offering here. Or at least buy some invisible digital files. It will improve your life, that’s for sure.
About the two ‘musicians’; Zedde comes from Italy, is a drummer and electronic wizard, organizes lots of concerts that do improv and is a decent chap. Simonis comes from Rotterdam and drinks beer, preferably in cans. If you want to know more, try google.


released June 1, 2021

francesco zedde – no input mixing
lukas simonis – guitar, blippoo box

distributed by   and

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